Melinda and her Service Dog(s)

Hello I'm Melinda, I have  two Service Dogs, although one is retired that would be Padme the Chihuahua

You will get to see and hear about her here.

For the most part you will see and hear about Phoenix

ABOUT Padme:

Padme is a Chocolate Chihuahua and was the only puppy born in that litter, she was bottle feed so she got to spend a lot of time with me, she got to know the different smells a diabetic gives off and started alerting to high sugars only at the age of two weeks and my Doctor suggested to train her to be my service dog, as so I did.

For 11 years Padme has been out in pubic as a Medical Service Dog. we have had our fair share of challanges, just because she is small everyone things she can't be a service dog, when in fact all I needed was her nose.

Padme, Alerts to HIGH/LOW Sugar , Seizures, migraines, panic attacks and many more. 

ABOUT Phoenix:

Phoenix is a Chocolate Lab mix, and has an awesome background story to be told.

Phoenix and five other litter mates was found on a very cold rainy day in SWGA.  our guess is they had been in this box among trash for over a week, they were old and very hungry, this very nice young lady and her mother found them, took them home and start feeding and loving them, I saw their pictures on face book, I fell in love at first site, asked to see them, on my way to see them I came up with the name PHOENIX ...One mans trash is another mans treasures, and out of the ashes(trash) she will rise and be called Phoenix !! she will Rise Above 

She will help me with my everyday struggles, once trained she will be able to 

Alert to HIGH/LOW blood sugar levels

Alert and respond to Seizures

Apply D.P.T ( deep pressure therapy) for my Pain

Grounding and Guiding for my Panic Attacks (P.T.S.D)

She will be able to bring me my Diabetic test kit.

Tell me if I am about to have a Seizure, get me somewhere safe, if I am laying down she will apply pressure so I don't move, or hurt myself

She will be able to find Help

open doors

and many more things as her task list grows I will be sure to put them here so you will be able see more of what she can do.

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 Ok, so I have told you  mostly about my two Service Dogs but very little about myself

well, you already know my name is Melinda and I need the aid of a service dog.

and by now you know I am a Diabetic and I have Seizures along with some pain issues, I have a very LONG list of medical issues, at this time these are the main ones I wish to talk about, for several reasons, mostly because this is where we are in Phoenix's training.

I live in S.W.Ga where you can have all four seasons ALL  in one day!!

We do get out and about,  we love to travel a good bit.

I would like to think I am just like anyone else, who enjoys shopping, going to the movies, hanging out with friends, and I'm sure the question has came to your mind as to why I have to have a Service Dog IF I have friends and Family, cant they just help me? well.... the answer is YES the friends and family members can and DO help

when they are around however I m alone about 95% of my time,  I know most of you that have seen me in public, look at m nd say wow sh don't look disabled right??

well first, thank you, I try really hard not to let the disabilites show. with that being said NOT ALL DISABILITES ARE VISIBLE, non the less here they are.

As you can see by some of the photos below, I look normal, what you don't see is I struggle with having my photo taken or displayed online, I have Panic Attacks before ever leaving my home, I over think my every move, I do not like any of this to be about ME. I have P.T.S.D, I always worry about having a Seizure out while I am shopping, I could go on and on and list more of my Medical issues, but I wont.

that isn't the reason or purpose of this page. I would like to say Thank You for taking the time to check out our page and being willing to know and learn more about Service Dogs and why we need them.

Me & My Service Dogs
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