Hello, and Welcome to our Page.

Dawn and Melinda are Service Dog Handlers, You may have meet us and our Service Dogs, was given a card that lead you to visit our Page.

Here on this page you will have a chance to see what we do, and perhaps get answers to your questions , you forgot to ask or that we did not get a chance to answer.

FAQ Part one!


One of the first questions we get is...

Where did you get that vest? I want one so I can bring my Dog with Me Every where I go!!


 As cute as we might look, this is NOT fun for us, it takes a lot of hard work to get our Dogs trained to be here, AND, we have to follow the ADA.

We have a disibality that falls under the Classafcations under the ADA.

For you to slap a vest on your Dog and Call it a Service Dog, DOES NOT make it one, and you can Hurt real Service Dog Teams such as us, or even get cought an be put in Jail, so it isnt worth it for you to take that kind of risk!!

How Long Does it Take?

Some will tell you it takes TWO years to train a Service Dog, However the dogs are always training.

WHAT  it really takes is a lot of hard work, between the dog and Handlers. We spend  lot of time together learning each other before training even gets started, some dogs are a natural at getting it. Some it takes longer, and sometimes the dogs we start out with don't even make it as a Service Dog at all.

What Should I do

if I see a Service Dog?


We are just like you, We love to shop, go out to eat, See Movies

So Pleas Excuse us, we ignore you as we walk past you, Pleas do not take it personally, if we do not want to stop and talk, you may have been the 100th person who has tried to talk to us about our Dog, This is in Part as to why this page was made, further into this page you will read more do's and don'ts, on or about Service Dogs